Enhance your Insurance Coverage with Top-Up Plan

Today a hospitalization for basic illnesses or accidents can cost you a few lakh rupees. A bypass surgery costs up to Rs.3 Lakhs – Rs. 4 Lakhs and so do other types of surgeries.

You may be in for a surprise to realize that your health insurance policy has not kept up its pace with rising healthcare costs or inflation. This is where you need more from your primary health insurance policy.

Your primary health insurance policy may not be enough to cover for all your medical expenses. In case you exhaust your sum insured amount, you may have to shell out for medical expenses from your own pocket. HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Top Up Plus is what comes in handy in such a situation. This top-up plan not only supplements your primary health insurance plan at a low cost but also provides several other benefits.

What is a Top-Up Plan?

Once you have exhausted your current coverage and sum insured amount due to multiple claims, a top-up plan kicks in and acts as a buffer to provide you with additional coverage to counter any medical emergency. A top-up plan is like a spare health policy that comes to your rescue once you have reached the upper limit of your current coverage. This limit is called as deductible and the top-up policy triggers in, once this deductible limit is reached.

To buy a top-up policy, it is not mandatory to hold a primary health policy. But only after a certain deductible amount is met, the top-up policy would come to your aid. You would need to always hold a certain amount of savings to meet the medical expenses. Hence, it is always recommended to hold a primary health policy and use it’s sum insured limit as the deductible of the top-up plan.

Why Should you Buy HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Top-Up Plan?

  • Enhance your current medical coverage with the most cost-effective way of top-up plan
  • Coverage of up to Rs. 5 Lakhs per year over and above the deductible amount chosen by you. Choose deductible amounts of Rs.2 Lakhs – Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • No sub-limits or caps on room rents, doctor fees, and others
  • Life-long renewable
  • Tax benefit under section 80D
  • You have the option to even convert Health Suraksha Top-Up Policy into Health Suraksha Insurance Policy
  • Avail family discount of 10% or more when three or four members of the family are covered in the same policy
  • 5% bonus on sum insured amount for every claim-free year
  • Excellent HDFC Ergo Health Reviews by customers and high claim settlement ratio
  • It covers for in-patient treatment, pre, and post-hospitalization, day care treatments, domiciliary treatments and acts as a regular insurance policy, once your primary health policy is exhausted

Keep up the Pace with HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Top-Up Plan

Instead of shelling out a premium to get additional coverage, opt for a top-up plan that serves the purpose of enhancing your medical coverage effectively. You can be assured that your medical expenses will be covered, even if you have made many claims during the year.

Health cover top-ups are a great solution to help you cope with escalating medical costs. That is why HDFC Ergo has designed a robust top-up plan to act as a great supplement to your primary health insurance policy.

Moreover, the HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Top-Up Plan is loaded with several other advantages. It is designed to boost your primary health insurance at an affordable cost. With no sub-limits, room rent restrictions, positive HDFC Ergo health reviews, and option of lifelong renewability, the HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Top-Up Plan is indeed the key to complete peace of mind.


Max Bupa Limited Is One of the Best Companies for Buying Health Insurance

Max Bupa is an established company in India. All of its health insurance products are beneficial to the customers. The products come in 3 different sections, plans for individuals, plans for family and extended family and fixed benefit plans.

Here Is an Overview of the Max Bupa Insurance Plans

The Heartbeat plan can be bought for an individual, a couple, a nuclear family or an extended family. However, the variants and sum assured for any plan are different and customizable.  You can read a Max Bupa Health Insurance review for heartbeat policy here.

The Max Bupa Health Companion Health Insurance plan comes with the deductible option.

Name of the plan Minimum sum assured Maximum sum assured Details
Heartbeat Individual Health Insurance Five lakhs – gold

15 lakhs – platinum

50 lakhs – gold

One crore – platinum

The platinum variant includes coverage in USA and Canada
Heartbeat Family Floater Insurance Plan Five lakhs – gold

15 lakhs – platinum

50 lakhs – gold

One crore – platinum

This is available for a couple or a nuclear family


Heartbeat Family First Insurance Plan Three lakhs – silver/gold

15 lakhs – platinum

15 lakhs – silver

50 lakhs – gold/platinum

14 members or less can be covered in every variant of this plan
Health Companion Health Insurance For Individual Two lakhs – variant 1

Five lakhs – variant 2

15 lakhs – variant 3


Four lakhs – variant 1

12.5 lakhs – variant 2

One crore – variant 3


The deductible can be selected from 0 to 10 lakhs
Health Companion Health Insurance Family Floater Two lakhs – variant 1

Five lakhs – variant 2

15 lakhs – variant 3


Four lakhs – variant 1

12.5 lakhs – variant 2

One crore – variant 3


A couple and four children can be covered
Health Companion Health Insurance Family First 1 lakh – individual

Three lakhs – floater

10 lakh – individual

20 lakhs – floater

This covers up to 19 members of an extended family



Why To Buy The Max Bupa Health Assurance Insurance Plan?

Max Bupa Limited provides the best health insurance policies in India. The fixed benefit plans are named Health Assurance Insurance Plans. These plans each cover three different coverage options. 18 to 65 years is the eligible age range for the customers.

The first one is CritiCare, with which you can get financial help if you have been diagnosed with a critical illness. But the illness has to be among the 20 listed in the terms of the policy.

With AccidentCare, you can get monetary respite if you have been permanently disabled in some way. The HospiCash option can be selected if you want a daily cash benefit. Children between 5 and 21 years can also avail AccidentCare and HospiCash Health Assurance policy.

The Unique Features And Benefits

  • There is no age limit for insurance booking in both Heartbeat and Health Companion plans
  • You can easily go for Max Bupa Health Insurance renewal of plans without extra cost
  • Cashless transactions can be made is you choose a hospital mentioned in the Max Bupa Health Insurance hospital list
  • There is a 15 day free trial available in some policies, subject to a minimum premium amount
  • The Max Bupa Health Insurance Customer care is available for support 24X7


The eligibility in terms of age is mentioned above. But some eligibility terms stand for the benefits as well.

You can read all the terms and conditions on the website before buying.


The coverage and inclusions for each plan are different. For instance, the heartbeat plans include maternity benefits, and the companion plans include pre and post hospitalization expenses. The Max Bupa Health Insurance plans are income tax deductible.

Read Exclusions Carefully

There are some cases in which your insurance claim will be disapproved. These exclusions are common to each plan and clearly mentioned while buying the policies. Some of those are drug abuse, cosmetic surgery, sexually transmitted diseases and psychiatric conditions.

You can view the whole list in the Max Bupa Health Insurance brochure.

Documents Required

If you are hospitalized in one of the 3500 hospitals that Max Bupa has a tie up with, you will not require many documents. But for reimbursement claim in any other hospital, Max Bupa Health Insurance claim form is a major document required during the process.

Claim Process

The procedure is not very difficult. This link will give you all the information that you will need. Or you could look at any Max Bupa Health Insurance review to know more.


5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Health Insurance

An ideal health policy should provide cover options for an individual, family, senior citizens, as well as accident care and overseas medical claims. Star Health Insurance offers all these plus tax saving benefits under Section 80D!

Since its inception in 2006, Star Health is focused solely providing the best in the health insurance sector, offering products that are affordable as well as useful.


              Minimum            Maximum
Entry Age Five months for the comprehensive plan and 60 years for senior citizens. 65 years, 75 years for senior citizens.
Sum Assured ₹5L, ₹1L for senior citizens. ₹25L, ₹5L for senior citizens.
Premium Charges ₹9,180, ₹4,450 for senior citizens. ₹2,56,770, subjected to the sum assured, family size, and age. ₹18,000 for senior citizens depending on the sum assured.
Policy Term 1 year Guaranteed renewal for a lifetime.

Why to Buy Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Star Insurance reviews state that its comprehensive insurance policy provides a gamut of services benefiting every strata of the society.

Star Health has 290+ branches and a cashless treatment and reimbursement network with whopping 7950+ hospitals across India.

The customer care regarding settlements and payments is both swift and easy. There is no need for any third party assistance.On hospitalization, the Star Insurance Policyholder gets a personalized visit from the doctor!

Features and Benefits

The key features of Star Insurance are:

  • There is no upper limit on treatment cost and room rent plus an added benefit of hospital cash.
  • Second opinion, as well as the cost of air ambulance, is included in the Star Health policy.
  • Free health checkups for every 3 claim free years.
  • There is a provision of 100% restoration of full sum assured.
  • Star Health provides a comprehensive cover for more than 400-day care procedures.
  • A personal accident cover which includes death or permanent and 100% disability is provided at no extra cost. Though it is limited to the health insurance cover!

Some of the benefits of choosing Star Health Insurance are that the policy covers all the medical expenses incurred during Bariatric surgery or its complications.

This insurance policy also covers all maternity as well as newborn baby medical expenses.OPD for dental and ophthalmic is covered as well.

The Star Health policy exhaustively covers charges for nurses, room, and boarding, as well as fees for surgeons, specialists, consultant, Anaesthetist, OT, oxygen, blood, medical implants like pacemakers, etc. and cost for drugs and medicines.

Pre-existing diseases are covered subject to a no claim and continuous insurance of 4 years with any Indian Insurance company.

Hospitalization for pre-existing conditions are covered in case the condition as mentioned above is met.

Medical costs of up to 90 days after discharge and 60 days before hospitalization are covered under the Star Insurance policy.


The age of the policyholder has to be between 18 to 65 years at the time of entry. Dependent children aged three months to 25 years can be included in the policy as well.

For continuous renewal, there is no maximum age cap.

This policy covers both individual as well as the family floater plan. Family means self, spouse, and dependent children.


To give maximum medical benefits to the insurer without having to worry about the cost of the medical procedure and other associated costs, Star Insurance health policy is valid for all kind of health conditions.

It includes maternity, both normal as well as C-section deliveries and medical expenses of a newborn.

HIV+ person can be insured given that his CD count should not be below 350 at the time of getting the policy.


The Star Health Insurance does not provide the following:

  • Claim for HIV or AIDS or Opportunistic infections
  • All expenses in connection with a pre-existing condition, unless four continuous years no claim from any company’s health policy was there.
  • Treatment cost of illness contracted within 30 days of starting the health policy.
  • First, two years of policy continuation excludes the cover for treatment cost of Hysterectomy, Prolapse of the intervertebral disc if not caused by accident, Cataract, Knee or Joint replacement unless needed due to accident, and Varicose ulcers and veins.
  • Within a year of taking the Star health policy, the expenses for renal and gallstone removal, Sinusitis, Piles, anus Fistula, Hydrocele, Hernia, and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy are not covered.
  • The cost of aids like spectacles, hearing aids, etc., vaccinations, cosmetic surgery unless necessitated by an accident, congenital external anomalies, defects, or disease, circumcision unless needed because of an accident or treatment of an included disease, and dental treatment unless caused by accident, are all excluded.

Documents Required

Along with the filled insurance form, an ID proof, address proof, age proof, first premium check including the cover charges, and a canceled check in case you opt for the ECS are required to get your Start Health policy started.

Claim Process

It is an easy and painless process.

Call the 24 X 7 customer care and quote the Health Card ID number.

In case the hospitalization is planned, inform Star Insurance 24 hours before hospitalization.

In cases of emergency admittance, call within 24 hours of hospitalization.

Maximum network hospitals operate on the cashless facility.

In a non-partner hospital, you need to pay the bill upfront and can later claim the same after submission of all the necessary documents including the claim from.

Star Insurance reviews proclaim the company as the best in claim settlement! Since the company only deals in health insurance, its diverse plans are customized to fulfill the needs of an individual, a family, senior citizens, travelers, and students, across the nation.k

Why you Should Care About your Parents’ Health Insurance Needs

When we grow up, we should take care of our parents and their health care needs. While growing up, our parents play an imperative role of making our lives easier with good food, shelter, clothes and education. Therefore, it is most important for us to take the onus of our parents and provide adequate support and affection. The major responsibility is to undertake financial responsibility for reimbursing medical bills.

How can you help your parents?

You can take care of your parents by taking up a senior citizen health insurance policy, only after learning elaborately about the details of the policy. Such an insurance plan will help cover exorbitant medical bills, outpatient treatments for critical diseases, etc.

There are several policies that include various norms. There are various policies that offer medical attention in private or public hospitals. Certain insurance policies cover additional costs for treatments and hospitalizations. The decisive point is to choose an apt senior citizen health insurance policy.

Considering the specific affordability and needs of parents as per their age is most important. Remember, the cost of hospitalization as offered by insurance companies tend to grow as people grow older. The best part of taking up a senior citizen health insurance policy is to ensure quality medical needs and treatments during their sunset years of life. Therefore, it is very much important to take care of your parents’ health by purchasing an insurance policy that offer the most stress-free and secured life.

Common ailments like osteoporosis among women, diabetes and other health risks irrespective of age are common problem when a person reaches a certain age in life. The rising costs of treatments because of inflation are also a major setback for seeking adequate medical attention at an older age. Most of the medical emergencies come announced, therefore a senior citizen health insurance policy is required.

In the current scenario, diabetes is a common problem for senior citizens. Most of the diseases are due to diabetes. Other than this, cardiac arrest is another common problem. Therefore with senior citizen health insurance policy, you can take care of your parents even if they do not have a stable income and even if you cannot afford. Emergency of hospitalization and medical treatments is indispensable in times of need. Such a senior citizen health insurance policy serves as a great way of boosting their confidence and allowing them to spend lives happily without worries.

It can be said that a senior citizen health insurance policy is a helpful tool that offers comprehensive financial coverage while having health-related challenges. This also steals away the burden of healthcare expenses from the policyholder.

Such a policy offers great mental relief helping individuals to concentrate on the various healthcare needs of the senior citizens. Today, in the present scenario India’s various health insurance companies has immense to offer. These reputable insurance providers have made adequate provisions for all and of varied ages. There are a variety of policies that are available at the best cost. The factors that influence on the nature of any healthcare policy are age and even the health status of the senior citizens.

You can study each and every insurance policy on the internet. Study about the features and the advantages of each policy and how each senior citizen health insurance policy can benefit the older individuals. Each health plan comes with its set of waiting periods. It is better that you take up such a policy with time in hand so that you may derive the maximum benefits from such policies.

Thus, ensure the best life for your aged parents at their retiring age with adequate senior citizen health insurance policy.

Transfer of Ownership and Insurance When Selling Your Used Car

Car has become an essential commodity of our everyday life. To beat everyday hustle and bustle on the road, we prefer to commute in our own car. If you are a car owner, then probably you have already set your eye for the latest car model as your next buy. Now what about your present car? You need to sell it out. During selling your used car, you need to keep some points in mind failing which may result in serious consequences.

Two most important part of selling a used car are – Transfer of Ownership and Transfer of Insurance. Let’s take a look at the following paragraphs to understand them better.

  1. Transfer of Ownership

Being the present owner of the car, a seller must hand over the buyer with some essential car documents. These documents include registration certificate of car, certificate of taxation, copy of existing insurance policy, PUC certificate, declaration of selling the car, No Objection certificate along with transfer of ownership. Seller/original owner of the car should intimate the regional RTO office about the car that was registered there through a letter within 14 days of the selling.

  1. Transfer of Insurance

Every car owner insures his car by taking some kind of vehicle insurance. When selling the car, the owner can retain his “No Claim Bonus” to himself and transfer the benefit on new car insurance. Maruti Insurance Policy is the best of all when it comes to transfer NCB from one insurer to another. For example, if the seller has earned a 50% “No Claim Bonus” on the car insurance premium, he can approach the insurance company for a certificate. When he buys a new car within three years of the date of car insurance, he is entitled for 50% premium discount on the new car insurance.

What To Keep In Mind While Transferring The Insurance To Buyer?

Apart from the above mentioned two aspects, selling of used car involves another part and this is the transfer of car insurance to the buyer. If you have decided to transfer your existing car insurance to the buyer then you need to pay attention to the time period for which the car has been insured. Say, you have bought the car insurance in January 2016 then it means the car is insured for the time period of January 2016 to January 2017. If you are selling the car in June 2016, you are transferring the car insurance benefit of next 6 months to the seller for which you have paid in advance. The seller should consider this factor while deciding the selling price.

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What Is The Consequence of Incomplete Transfer?

If transfer of ownership/insurance at the time of selling the car looks not so significant to you then pay attention. It is damn important. Both buyer and seller have to be proactive in terms of completing the transfer properly and legally. It is a must for the buyer to check whether the insurance has been transferred to his name or not. If it is still in the name of previous owner, then buyer cannot place any claim at the time of need. The seller should ensure that transfer of ownership has been done properly. If not so then the seller will be held responsible for any illegal/offensive act involving the car as his name is still recorded with the register’s office. So with utter attention, seller and buyer both should complete the process of transfer of ownership as well as transfer of insurance.


Hopefully the following article will be proven helpful for both seller and buyer as a guiding reference at the time of selling or buying a used car. Stay informed and trade happy.

Staying Safe: Do You Have the Right Business Insurance Coverage?

Business is all about taking risk, when risks are not taken there is less prospect for productivity, expansion and gain. So it can be said that taking risk is the part and parcel of any business. But that risk should not prove to be detrimental for the business so precautionary measures should be taken properly.

It would be foolhardy when you are not taking precautionary measures where you should be. You should concentrate on purchasing sufficient insurance even when you are into running SME. Now needs are not identical everywhere and scale of operation also differs, so knowing about the cover and essential relevant details is prudent right before finalizing anything.

There are number of packages and policies for example Tata AIG’s Small Business Package Policy, HDFC ERGO’s Business Suraksha, AXIS bank Insurance for SMEs and many more are bent on offering comprehensive protection covers on varying occasions for example personal accident, burglary, fire and third-party liability and so on. The best thing about these policies is they are convenient and they can be accessed easily and through single plan number of covers can be accessed.


  • There are few stand alone policies which can be customized. These are basically sold by general insurers. When you are having more than one set up in different locations, there are some policies, which can be accessed for fire and burglary, these policies offer  floater option.
  • So there are policies which would be working for different and all locations. There are annual plans which are likely to be renewed every year.
  • The moment one of these options are chosen, right before purchasing it needs to be made sure whether the basic policy protects the source of revenue both internally and externally.

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Insuring the assets

Covering from fire and different other dangers

  • When there is fire accident or loss of asset or any kind of malevolent damage such policies can be accessed.
  • These policies are also outfitted with ingrained cover for damage because of calamities and earthquakes, storms and floods.
  • There are some stand alone policies which offer support when there are strikes, acts of terrorism and riot together with any other form of negligence.
  • Protection policies should also be covering office premises which involve the office furniture, fences, elevator and different office equipments and electrical gadgets. Before buying policy, it should be ensured to declare all pricey items together with important official documents as the insurer would be obliged to cover these.

Business interruption and consequential losses

  • A fire is known to disrupt abruptly and inevitably affect profits.
  • Hence general insurers are seen to be having specific plan to shield the business from losing the profit performing as an extension of the fire insurance.
  • It is seen that such health insurance India policies usually cover the losses to save decrease in output in turnover, extra cost to circumvent reduction in turnover also the auditor’s fee.

Burglary cover

  • A cover should be having against burglary and stealing. Aside from property loss, it also covers comprehensive range of damage because of attempted burglary.
  • When there is loss of title deeds, loss of jewelry, business books, plate glass and there are varying items which are covered under the corresponding policy.
  • Policies are known to cover fire insurance and theft and varying other forms of burglaries where employees and dealers are victimized.
  • The policy easily covers the loss based on the sum insured. Hence it is significant that the sum insured should be equal to the market value of all other items so as to have the replacement cost.

Money insurance:

  • Burglary and fire cover is known to not protect the hard cash. So for that there is exclusive money insurance.
  • Such policy is known to protect the cheques, postal and pay orders and drafts. When there is burglary, accident the policy would be covering, and it would be reimbursed.


You might have health complications sooner or later and for medical assistance you visit a doctor and undergo hospitalization. So, for such medical emergencies people buy health insurance or Mediclaim Plans that provide coverage for all medical expenses. In exchange of monthly or yearly premiums, you merely expect financial assistance from the insurer in the events of serious health conditions and hospitalization.

The health insurance plans not just only provide coverage for hospitalization expenses and day care expenses, but also cover all the expenses of pre and post hospitalization like blood tests, x-rays and other examination costs at least 30 days prior to hospitalization and 60 days post hospitalization, depending upon the medical emergency. But, there are people who are surprised when they notice that their Mediclaim has been denied by the insurer under such grounds which are unacceptable. Mediclaim settlements can be denied on various grounds.

Reasons for Medicliam Denial!

  • The Mediclaim insurance settlements can be denied by insurer if the treatment or hospitalizations is excluded from health insurance plan
  • It can also be denied if the policyholder has pre-existing diseases which are not included in the plan. If claims are made on those specific diseases, then Mediclaim will be denied.
  • If the document provided for the claim settlement is incomplete or inappropriate, then the application for claim can be denied.
  • The policyholder must inform the insurer within 48 hours of hospitalization. If claims are made within intimating the insurer within the timeframe structured in the policy, then the claim will be denied.
  • Clerical errors may also lead to rejection of the Mediclaim
  • Mediclaim can also be rejected if the treatment or tests are carried out at unauthorized and unassociated network of laboratories and hospitals.

What to Do If You Are Denied Mediclaim?

If you find the grounds of denial is not satisfactory, then the first step is to approach the grievance cell of the insurer. If grievance cell never provides you satisfactory results, then IRDA ombudsman is the way to approach but within one year of the claim rejection. You need to provide a written complaint to the ombudsman. You also need to visit for a hearing and know the decision taken by the ombudsman. For final verdict you may also approach the consumer courts and forums.

It is very essential for the policyholders to know exactly what their insurance policy covers and what the policy don’t cover to avoid the rejections. This is very essential to reduce the chance of rejections by the insurer. Some of the steps that you need to do when your Mediclaim is denied.

  • Discuss with Insurer – You need to have the list of questions handy with you prior to discussing with the insurer. According to the experts, when your Mediclaim is denied they first thing you need to do is to approach the insurer directly and contact the bigwigs of the company to accelerate the process. Ensure to provide only the copies of original insurance bond, but not the originals. You may ask the questions that you have and try to understand why your Mediclaim has been denied. Even a small clerical error like incorrect code may lead to Mediclaim Rejection and this type of rejections can be settled itself within the branch.
  • Appeal to Action – If all the tricks fail, then you may appeal your claim. You will find information on how to appeal your claim on the written rejection notice or on official website of the insurer.

The last option is to approach the ombudsman and provide them with a written complaint mentioning all the details of your Mediclaim.