Does Your Travel Insurance Plan Ensure Coverage for Terrorism?

The ever growing terrorist attacks have put this in a limelight to have insurance against terrorist attack. There are some places which attract a large number of travellers because of their scenic beauty, age long heritage or many things. When these places are highly rated as the best places to explore, the proximity of terrorist attacks can not be ignored. We can take the example of Kashmir in India. Termed as ‘heaven on earth’ the beauty of this place can’t be explained in words. But, conversely, the livelihood is always uncertain there because of the frequent terrorist attack. Hereby, if your next travel destination is Kashmir then you should double check that your travel insurance covers terrorist attack. Same goes with the international trip if you are planning any. While a Schengen visa covers 26 European countries, having travel insurance is a must! In this article we discuss does travel insurance cover terrorist activities while you are travelling.

Coverage Against Trip Cancellation Due to a Terrorist Attack

While most of the travel insurance companies consider international or domestic terrorism as one of the root cause of trip cancellation, Tata Aig Travel Insurance strictly exclude terrorism. However, the insurance companies providing the assistance will consider only if a terrorist event happens at your foreign or domestic travel destination within 30 days of the day of your scheduled arrival. To enjoy the insurance benefits, you need to purchase the plan before an unforeseen event occurred.

Coverage for Terrorist Attack on Flights

An insurance company like Allianz Global Assistance covers trip cancellation due to a terrorist attack. Also, trip cancellation due to hijacking is also covered. During these situations, you can contact the local authorities through the travel company and find an alternate option to get home securely.

Threat of Terrorist Incident is Not Covered

Abruptly, before your scheduled departure to visit family in the USA, an elite group constantly makes terrorist threats, causing the state government to issue travel alert urging vigilance. Considering the risk, you call off the trip, hopping to reschedule it in near future. Will your travel insurance plan cover trip cancellation?

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No, because no terrorist incident occurred till date and fear or threat of terrorism is not covered by an insurance plan.  Moreover, general civil protest, an act of war, riots are not considered as terrorism and so no travel coverage is provided for the same.

What Are all Covered?

Considering the urgency, many travel insurance companies provide assistance for listed expenses arising out of a terrorist turbulence-

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of Passport
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Accommodation expense will be reimbursed in case you have to extend your stay due to an emergency
  • Compassionate visit
  • Hospitalisation costs of a terrorist victim
  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses including the ambulance cost as well

Well, irrespective of the insurance plan, you need to go through the policy wordings in detail before signing on the dotted line of an application form. Again, before flying to abroad, double check your travel insurance policy norms to ascertain whether the facilities will extend to countries other than India or not. Besides, policies may provide insurance against terrorist activities; insurers may cause a problem in accepting a claim if the policyholder visits places which are in high risk or intentionally defies the risk. Hereby, if exploring new places is your passion, we urge you to seek for insurance cover that considers the e possibilities of sudden terrorist unrest and losses arise out of it!

Extending Your Trip? Travel Insurance Top-Ups Can Help

A travel insurance plan provides you much-needed coverage for all the various situations such as trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and a wide of other difficult situations which can make you feel inconvenient and uncomfortable during your trip. On the other hand, Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance plans make your travel very enjoyable.

A travel insurance plan provides you much-needed coverage for all the various situations such as trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and a wide of other difficult situations which can make you feel inconvenient and uncomfortable during your trip. On the other hand, Bajaj Allianz Travel insurance plans make your travel very enjoyable. Everybody has a tight budget when it comes to making travel plans. The people who spend their hard-earned money on travel plans are very particular about their budget. They always look for amazing deals and great ways that can help them to travel more and save more at the same time. In order to cut costs on their travel budget, it is common for people to skip buying insurance. This is the grave mistake that people do as travel insurance isn’t the place where one should cut the costs.

How can you add more coverage and time on your travel insurance policy?

A majority of people do not know that there is an easy and convenient way to extend their existing travel insurance plan by buying top-up plans. On the basis of what type of travel insurance plan you have purchased, it is very easy to buy extra protection.

You purchased travel insurance plan, but you want to extend your travel?

The best thing about travel insurance plans is that most of the travel insurance providers offer flexible travel insurance plans. Insurers understand that you might be on a trip and you had such a great time that you want to stay for more days now. Whatever your reason is, don’t let your travel insurance’s last date be the sole reason for your early return. Travel insurers offer top-up insurance plans that can help you in such situation.

Top-Up Travel Insurance Plans to Extend Group Insurance Policies

In case your travel insurance is provided to you through your work, chances are high that it might be valid for a particular duration. Keep in mind that you can always extend your travel insurance plan with the help of a top-up as it is an economical option.

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What Questions Could Be Asked When You Buy a Top-Up Plan?

Your insurance provider would re-assess your eligibility. All the elements that were applicable when you applied for buying travel insurance would be valid yet again.

Be prepared to answer the questions mentioned below.

1. Did you have any disease or were you hospitalized in the last 90 days?

2. Are there any changes made in your prescriptions?

3. Did you need any health care facility?

4. Do you have any pre-existing medical condition?

How a top-ups travel insurance plan works?

The top-up plan works the same way as a regular insurance plan. It doesn’t provide extend your coverage, it extends travel insurance plan only.

What are the factors that affect the price of travel insurance?

In case there are any changes made during your trip, your eligibility for extending your travel insurance coverage can be changed to a certain extent. The factors affecting the travel insurance plans are mentioned below.

1. Your travel destination

2. Are you traveling to a specific country or various countries?

3. Your age

4. Pre-existing illnesses

5. Duration of your trip

6. The type of insurance cover you want

Your Checklist While Buying a Student Travel Insurance Plan

Planning to study abroad? If yes then have you considered buying a student travel insurance plan? Or do you really think of student travel plan as a compulsion? If not then you are doing a blunder!

Studying aboard is a life-changing decision which includes lots of excitement, passion, enthuse, but also the journey is prone to welcome many speed bumps and nuisances. You can never predict the issues that may arise all sudden and being in an unfamiliar country, you may find it difficult at time to deal with the odds. Thus, student travel insurance policy is a must as it goes hand in hand with study abroad! Also, there is always that chance-

  • Some medical emergencies arise
  • Mishap occurs during an adventurous activity
  • Flight gets cancelled
  • You break your DSLR
  • You need to fly home immediately due to a death of a family member

Hereby, before flying to your dream destination for studies and buying a travel plan, we suggest you to make a checklist of essentials that your policy should cover and ensure purchasing the best one. Here we go:

Medical Coverage

In some countries like US, Canada, medical expenses are quite high than the rest. A financial strain case cause mental stress, which may adversely affect on your studies. Major Indian insurance companies offer cashless medical treatment for illness or injury and accelerate the claim process. While some offer additional medical coverage, like:

  • Dental treatment
  • Diagnostic test for Cancer
  • Treatment for sports injuries
  • Mental and nervous disorder

It is essential to check the extent of your medical coverage before purchasing a particular student travel plan.

Loss of Documents or Luggage

Your travel insurance should also cover the loss of passport or loss of checked in luggage. Losing either of the two can put you in hassle that too in a new country. When you have an insurance plan, your insurer will compensate the loss and help you deal you with the situation.

Loss of Studies Due to Interruption

It is always uncertain that you’ll get to study in your dream university or not. Even if you get, sometimes it is mandatory to pay exorbitant tuition fees. You’ll be upside down when due to an unforeseen event you miss a semester or more and it leads to wastage of time and money to a huge extent. If you’re financially dependent on someone and sudden demise of that person can be emotionally shattering, and financial strain may put a pause to complete the studies, which should not add to their woes. Make sure that your travel plan covers any such interruption in your studies so that you can excel at studies without any break.

Two-way Compassionate Visit

It is an exciting clause that should be included in your travel plan. It is applicable if in case you are hospitalised for over 7 days, a relative can come visit you, via a compensation given by your insurer. Similarly, availing this benefit, a student can visit an ailing relative in India.

Often, it’s only after you meet a mishap and slashed that you realise the true worth of having a travel insurance policy. But is it necessary to wait until it happens- at best it could be a mere trouble and at worst you could be in real financial crisis, trapped abroad and unable to afford to get home. A travel insurance policy hereby provides financial safety during your course in abroad by igniting the hope that you’re not alone. So, once you get your confirmation/admission letter, search for the best plan online that covers all the required features together!

Benefits of Buying A Domestic Travel Insurance Plan Online

In this new era, there is nothing that can’t be available online. Starting from clothes to grocery, from baby products to cosmetic items, you can order anything in the blink of an eye. Online business has occupied a huge place in the market as every single company is digging into promoting their product online. Same is with insurance sector. A plethora of insurance companies now introduce their product online. But whenever we buy a travel insurance plan be it overseas or domestic travel insurance plan, the first thing that strikes in our mind is whether we should contact the insurance agent or buy it online. We often get confused with the availability of numerous plans available in the market regarding their offerings and about buying mode. We may end up buying a wrong one or may face an odd phase during the claim process. Hereby, making an informed decision is essential towards buying a travel plan. Thus, to give some guidance in this regard, we’ve compiled a list of benefits associated with an online insurance plan, to help you in making a firm decision.

Benefits of Online Domestic Travel Insurance Plan


Customers’ convenience is taking into account here. The online offerings allow the customers to get all plan-related information at the easiest way and privacy of their home. You just need to visit their website, compare the plan, buy the appropriate one and remain stress-free during your trip.

Low Premium:

By making travel plans available online, the insurance companies have cut the agent commission because, in an online purchase, the deal is supposed to happen between the client and insurer. This way you can avail a good premium discount. There are plans, which offer premium at 30%-40% cheaper than the offline plans.

Experience Instant & Safe Service:

Online services are always instant. You don’t need to visit the office of an insurer to discuss a suitable travel plan as per the requirement. Open your PC or laptop, visit the website of the insurer and look for the plans available online. Again, at the time of claim as well, you can register your claim online, which is the easiest and the fastest way. During a trip, if you happen to file a claim, you can call on the toll-free number or drop a mail to get instant assistance. Is not it alluring?

Buyers Can’t be Spoiled

While buying a travel insurance plan online, a customer directly visits the insurer’s website. And once it is written on a website, no one can deny the genuineness and you won’t be deceived. Because an insurer can’t back out about whatever they promised in the website. Again you get an option to compare the various plans and select the cheap and best one for you. This reduces the chance of misspelling which is probable in the case of buying through an agent.

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Having a travel insurance plan is essential to safeguard your trip, be it domestic or international one. A travel insurance plan may not help you avoid the unforeseen circumstances but it gives financial assistance during an emergency, which may burn a big hole in your pocket. With an ample of travel insurance plans making their product alluring online, you should be careful while buying one. By considering the both sides positive and negative, you can analyse a plan, compare with the rest and take an informed decision. This way nothing can stop you having a good insurance coverage and make your trip stress-free. Because travel insurance is a must for a globe trotter like you!

Travel Insurance Online Coverage Tips

travel-insurance 2

Buying Travel Insurance online is a better way for getting one’s Insurance as there are several plans offered by a variety of companies. An individual can choose the travel insurance that suits his/her needs the best.

Tips for buying the best Travel Insurance Online

A certain number of things are checked before a policyholder invests his/her money into buying a travel insurance online. The company’s credibility is one factor that affects the choice of the customer. The more reputed the company, the more the customer will get inclined into buying a policy from them.

The amount of money given to buy a policy. Minimum premiums are cheaper and easier to pay by the policyholder, making Travel Insurance Online affordable. A fast hassle-free method by which customers can get Travel Insurance makes the plan gain popularity.

There are different types of Travel Insurance online plans that take care of specific needs of it’s customers. A policyholder must know that there are general travel insurance plans as well as special insurance plans that are for those who are traveling for adventure. Special plans have greater features than normal travel insurance online plans.

If the amount of money that a customer pays to buy a travel insurance policy is high, then the premium paid will also be high. The claim settlement percentage I.e the number of claims that have been settled by the company is an important fact to keep in mind when choosing a travel insurance online.

Key features of Travel Insurance Online

Travel Insurance Online deals with providing customers with the ideal cover for emergencies and unforeseen situations when outside of one’s home. Some of the key features that all policyholders look into before buying a travel insurance online plan are:

  • Compensation given when a flat is cancelled or delayed. This includes accommodation during the waiting period for the policyholder.
  • Medical emergency and hospitalization are taken care of by the policy.
  • Expenses when a trip is delayed due to emergency situations are taken care of under the policy.
  • Legal liability and expenses are also taken care of.

Exclusions of Travel Insurance

The general exclusions that a travel insurance plan have include flight or trains that are missed due to protest or civil war. The expenses that are caused when the policyholder gets involved in protests. Pre-existing conditions that have lead to hospitalization of the policyholder. It also includes baggage delay that is less than in 24 hours. The damage or loss of keys is also not compensated for.

However, it is important to note that the exclusions vary from one plan to another. Anyone can compare travel insurance online and check the exclusions for each and every plan, then chose their plan accordingly.

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Claims Process

It is always advised for all travelers to get a travel insurance policy before commencing travel. The policyholder must have the main policy document when traveling.

If there is an emergency, then the policyholder needs to call the travel insurance company for understanding the claims process and the documents that need to be submitted for the same. The documents can be sent to the insurance company either through post, email or fax.

Required documents like the passport of the individual, immigration stamp, copy of policy, claims form, original bills and receipts, policy report and personal identity proof may also be required for getting back one’s policy claim.

As the insurance company receives all the necessary documents from the policyholder, it is cross-checked by a surveyor from the company and the process for compensating the policyholder is processed accordingly.

The top five Travel Plans of India

Some of the best travel insurance online plans are put in the table below:

Insurer Categories covered Special Features Exceptions
Apollo Munich Individual, Family, Floater, Annual, Multi Trip. Ø  Emergency cash.

Ø  Damage of checked in baggage.

Ø  Trip Cancellation.

Ø  Coverage of personal liability.

Ø No specific European/Schengen plan.

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.

Bajaj Allianz Individual, Family, Floater, Annual, Multi Trip, student, senior citizen. Ø  Emergency cash.

Ø  Checked in baggage Loss.

Ø  Burgalary covered 2-way.

Ø  Bail bond.

Ø  Compensation visit coverage.

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.
Bharati AXA Individual, Family, Floater, Annual, Multi Trip. Ø  2-way compensation.

Ø  Emergency cash advance.

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.
Future Generali Individual, Annual, Multi Trip. Ø  Emergency cash advance.

Ø  Child escort benefit.

Ø  Trip cancellation.

Ø  Curtailment coverage of personal liability.

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.
HDFC Ergo Individual, Family, Floater, Annual, Multi Trip, student. Ø  Loss of checked in baggage.

Ø  Flight delay benefits.

Ø  Study interruption (for students).

Ø  Treatment of mental and nervous disorders (for students)

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.

Travel Insurance Explained

Travel Insurance is the insurance that is intended to cover for the medical expenses, loss of luggage, flight cancellation and other accidents or loses that take place when one is traveling either domestically or internationally.

travel-insurance (1)

Overview of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for most people is short term insurance that is specifically for all incidents that take place during one’s travel. Mostly those who travel Internationally opt for travel Insurance because it covers the medical expenses of a person wherever they are. However, more and more travellers find it useful to get an Insurance.

There is no age restriction for anyone to apply for a Travel Insurance. The only requirements for applying for this insurance is passport, visa and medical certificate form a hospital or a doctor. Children also need travel Insurance.

It is a necessity for all students who go abroad to continue their education. This insurance is also made mandatory for people belonging to the working class who get transferred or outsourced to other countries. Travel Insurance covers the medical insurance and is beneficial for the policyholder the most. Companies are also less stressed when an employee is covered under Travel Insurance as the expense for medical expenses in foreign countries is extremely high.

Benefits of getting a Travel Insurance Plan

Travelers get a certain amount of benefits from Travel Insurance that assure them of a safe trip and help them deal with any situations that they might face when on a trip. Some of the benefits of having an Insurance are:

  • Stress-free traveling for the policyholder.
  • Reimbursement for items lost during the trip.
  • Medical coverage all around the world.
  • Emergency helpline for policyholders to help them in foreign countries.

Inclusions of Travel Insurance

  • Financial recovery for medical incidents that are incurred because of accidents of illness while on a trip. Medical treatment may be very costly in foreign countries, so the Insurance takes care of the money for the placeholder.
  • Provides Protection against trip cancellation and interruption. If an emergency comes where the policyholder has to cancel his/her ticket or cut the trip short, a certain sum of money is wasted in cancellation. The insurance policy helps to give back this money.
  • Coverage for loss of baggage or personal belongings.
  • 24-hour emergency services to help customers deal with unfavorable situations. This is very important for those who are traveling to foreign countries where there exists a communication barrier due to language problems.
Coverage Coverage (up to)
Accidental Death & Dismemberment (Principal Sum) 30,000
Medical Expense Accident & Sickness (Deductible :100) 30,000
Emergency Evacuation 30,000
Repatriation of Remains 10,000
Emergency Travel of Family Member 3,000
Travel Assistance Services Available

*currency in USD or Euro (as applicable)

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Exclusions of Travel Insurance

  • Any consequential damage that is caused due to war, invasion, act of a foreign enemy, hostilities, revolutions etc.
  • Any action taken to prevent, control or suppress the above acts will not be covered.
  • Claims that are caused by radiation or nuclear fuel, explosives or even pressure waves that are caused by aircrafts that are traveling at sonic or supersonic speeds.
  • Injury caused due to attempt of suicide will not get covered.
  • Any incident or injury that is caused by the policyholder under the influence of intoxicants will not be covered.
  • When the policyholder deliberately puts himself/herself to risk. For example saving another person).
  • Loss of earnings that are caused when the policyholder does not return to work on time due to the reasons.
  • Claims from mental diseases like anxiety, depression, nervous or emotional disorder will not be covered.
  • Any accident that occurs after the completion of the trip.
  • Accidents occurring due to leisure activities are not covered.

Claims Process

The claims process requires a certain number of documents that need to be submitted to the travel insurance company. The documents include a completed claim form from the policyholder, a doctor’s report, the original admission/discharge card that is given from the hospital, all the original medical reports like X-Ray or Investigation reports and lastly a copy of the passport of the Visa of the policyholder with the entry and exit stamp.

On submitting all the documents to the Insurance company, the company will go through and investigate them thoroughly then reimburse the policyholder their money. Since medical coverage is covered under Insurance, the policyholder will get back all of his/her money.

Compare Travel Insurance Reviews before choosing the Right Plan

Travelling is not just for business purposes anymore. The millennial are already planning for numerous trips in one year. Various insurance companies offer travel insurance to protect you during your abroad vacations but comparing them before purchase will help you understand which plan suits your needs. ICICI Lombard travel insurance review reveals the insurer provides amazing features and all round protection through the various plans they offer.


If you plan various trips a year, opt for the Multi-trip option and if you take a just one trip a year opt for the Single Round Trip plan. The plans are also available for Student travel, Senior citizen plans and in Platinum, Gold and Silver option. The international travel insurance provides its Indian policyholders’ protection against unexpected medical expenses during travel and passport loss cover.

Key Features Silver Plan Platinum Plan
Cashless hospitals Available
Dental treatment cover $300 $300
Personal Accident Cover $15000
Trip Cancellation Cover $500
Repatriation of Remains $7500 $7500

Why to buy the ICICI Lombard International Travel Gold Plan?

The silver plan offers only basic covers, and while the platinum plan covers extra features too, the gold plan offers standard coverage that is just what you require. The Gold Plan offers medical cover up to $500,000 and has a global network of cashless hospitals. With $300 cover for passport loss, $5oo cover for the loss of checked-in luggage, $15000 personal accident cover, $300 assistance for financial emergency and other such covers the Gold plan is among the most favorable. Buying the gold plan will give you coverage for your international trip and additional features to safeguard your family members in case of an unforeseen mishap.

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance Reviews: Features and Inclusions

No medical check-up is required to purchase the plan until the age of 85 years and medical evacuation costs of travelling back to India are covered by the insurer. The original policy of 180 days can be extended by another 180 days and extension of policy if the trip has been extended will be payable for just the number of days the trip has been extended for.

Individuals are accepted under the Travel Gold Plan from 3 months to 85 years of age, and the policy also covers hospitalization caused by Swine flu virus acquired during travel. You can take care of your loved ones when you are away from home and also protect them in the case of an unforeseen mishap. You can add up to 6 members under a single policy, and various plans are available according to the country of visit.

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Non-medical covers include:

  • Political Risk and Catastrophe Evacuation
  • Compassionate Visit and Return of Minor Child Cover
  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption
  • Bounced Booking
  • Missed Connecting Flights and Emergency Cash Advance
  • Emergency Hotel Extension
  • Hijack Distress Allowance, and other value added benefits.


  • If the insured is travelling against the advice of the doctor or is travelling to receive medical treatment at the destination.
  • Venereal and Sexually transmitted diseases or claims arising out of pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Loss of money and other securities are not covered.
  • Loss due to sports activities such as trekking, base jumping, quad biking, etc.
  • Loss due to alcohol or drug addictions.

Claim Process

If a claim is being raised during travel, an immediate written notice should be provided to the Assistance Service Provider which will further be forwarded to the Insurance Company. In the case of hospitalization of the insured or financial emergency, the claim must be registered as soon as possible with the TPA, and after validation of the claim, the bills will be directly settled.

In the case of medical expenses, the ICICI Lombard travel insurance claim must be raised on the number provided by the TPA, and after validation of the claim, the required documents need to be sent. The TPA will check the documents and will reimburse the insured accordingly. The claims must be submitted within 30 days of the event you can call the toll-free number for any assistance required.

Travel insurance protects you and your family on your trip abroad, and you can be at rest as you have the backing of an insurer during your trip. Purchasing the ICICI Lombard International Travel Gold plan will secure you against any unforeseen circumstances and provide financial assistance when required. You can receive high-quality medical care and emergency help abroad by contacting the TPA.