What is the importance of Family Planning in India?

In India, the moment a couple is married, there is a constant pressure on them to have kids. Some couples give in to the pressure, some take their time to start a beautiful chapter of their life. There are some couples who don’t think much about themselves, but they are worried about what others think of them. Because of this, they want to have kids as they don’t want anybody to think that they are impotent.

They don’t realize that family planning is very important. Given the rate of inflation, it becomes such a difficult task to raise kids. Family planning is defined as expanding the size of a family according to a limit regarding the income and the size of a family. Family planning ensures that health of the mother and the baby is not compromised and the baby can be raised comfortably without any financial burdens. In order be financially secure buy family health insurance plans and secure the health of your family.

The small size of a family reflects a good standard of living. One should have kids, not by chance, but by the choice. Pregnancy should be a result of planning, instead of an accident. Basically, acceptation of a small family and less number of kids is the driving force of any family planning program.

Why is the Family Planning in India is Important?

Family planning program is good not only for the individuals but also for the society. The importance of family planning in India is mentioned below.

  1. The benefit to the Children

If the population growth is slow, that is a result of family planning program only. This makes it beneficial for the children. A decrease in the birth rate reduces the number of children being born. It reduces the number of kids dependent on the working people. It would create an atmosphere where the children would be better fed, better looked after, better cared for and they will get a better upbringing.

  1. The benefit to the Parents:

The family planning and parents’ health share a direct relationship. When a couple has less number of kids, they can spend the resources on raising the standard of living for their family. Family planning is responsible for the better health of the family and the long, prosperous and happy life of the mother. Not just that, good family planning results in better care and education provided to the kids.

  1. The benefit to the Society:

When the family planning is beneficial for the individual, it becomes beneficial for the society as well. When the good family planning results in an improved living standard of the people, the quality of humans will be improved and the society will become better.

  1. The benefit to the Nation:

The family planning is very important for the welfare of our nation. Eventually, the family planning will result in the development of our country’s economy. As a result of a decrease in the population growth, there will be an increase in the per capita income.

The additional per capita income can become an instrument for the additional saving and it will result in the capital formation.

In a long run, the decrease in the population growth will favorably affect the labor supply and then the hike in the rate of labor supply would be reduced. In that scenario, unemployment will be eradicated.


Why critical illness plans are important and how do you choose one?

Private medical insurance companies offer critical illness insurance policy that provides coverage for expensive medical treatments. Critical illness treatment can wash off your savings in a single go. These exclusive health insurance policies come handy when a serious illness like stroke, cancer etc., strikes and demand emergency medical intervention. Critical illness has all the potential to wipe your precious savings.

Mentioned below are the few things to keep in mind when you select a critical illness insurance policy.

  1. Know the Difference between the Individual Insurance Plan and Family Floater Plans

A critical illness insurance policy offers lump sum benefit in case the insured person is diagnosed with life-threatening diseases. No matter how much your hospital expenses are, critical illness plan pays the insured the full sum assured.

Always keep in mind that the critical illness insurance plan isn’t a substitute for the basic medical insurance plan. There are times when the basic health insurance plan can’t provide complete coverage against illnesses that is categorized as the critical illnesses. A critical illness insurance policy can’t be used in the place of a health insurance plan.

  1. Know where you and your family’s health stand

Being realistic about the lifestyle habits and critically analyzing the risks they impose give a clear picture of your insurance needs. In case you’re a chain smoker and if you have a hectic work schedule, it is likely that you are vulnerable to serious health ailments in the coming time. You can consider buying critical illness insurance, apart from making changes to your lifestyle and maintain appropriate work-life balance.

Buying critical illness insurance plan is recommended in case there is a history of critical medical issues in your family. In case there are senior citizens in your family, it is recommended to get additional coverage for diseases like Alzheimer’s, stroke and kidney failure so that they are covered and you are financially secured.

  1. Not Every Critical Illness Policy Provides the same Benefits

The range of critical diseases covered by insurance providers may differ. For instance, opting for Apollo Munich’s critical illness insurance plan- Optima Vital, the policyholder or insured person gets the option to avail 37 critical illnesses covers, including cardiomyopathy, cancer, kidney failure, blindness, multiple sclerosis, and deafness.

The cover amount of critical illness health insurance plans also varies. The insurance experts suggest that any critical illness insurance plan offering Rs.15 lakhs as a sum insured can be selected.  This amount will cover critical illness treatment, rehabilitation and the loss of income (if any).

Your Critical Illness Plan must be in Sync with your Health Insurance Plan

When finalizing a critical illness insurance plan, ensure that it is in coordination with your health insurance plan and it offers sufficient coverage at an affordable price. The point behind that is the combination of both the policies must you provides the coverage against a majority of the diseases.

Life is unpredictable, and a critical ailments insurance plan offers a protection shield against various unpredictable uncertainties. If you want to live steadily, invest wisely.


Cigna International Health Insurance Plans

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Co. LTD. was established in November 2013 and started its operations in February 2014. It is well known for its health insurance plans in the insurance market.

Cigna TTK has good news for people who are looking to get their surgeries done outside India. It is offering health insurance coverage over boundaries. Now, you can avail health insurance coverage and benefits outside the country.


Hospitalization expenses

Treatment expenses, nursing expenses, room rent for hospitalization, day care treatment and recovery room charges are covered under Cigna International Health Insurance Plans.

Expenses for the following are covered under this plan

  • Prescribed medicines and dressings expenses for inpatient or day care treatment.
  • Operating theatre
  • Treatment room rent for hospitalization more than 24 hours.

Intensive Treatment

  • Any type of intensive therapy.
  • High dependency unit.
  • Coronary care.

Surgeon and Anaesthetists Fees

In case of surgery, this plan also covers an inpatient, day care or outpatient expenses.

Specialists’ Consultation Fees

Cigna TTK International Health Insurance Plan pays in total for regular visits by a specialist during your hospital stay including intensive care by a specialist for as long as is medically required.

Hospital Accommodation for a Parent or Guardian

It offers maximum amount mentioned per policy tenure.
If an insured is under the age of 18 years old needs a medical treatment and it is mandatory to be hospitalised overnight, the insurance policy will also pay for hospital accommodation for his or her parent or legal guardian, only in the following cases:

  • Accommodation is available in the same hospital
  • The cost of room rent is nominal.

Organ Transplantation, bone marrow and stem cell transplants

This insurance plan pay for hospitalization treatment arising out of an organ transplant, for the insured only if:

  • The organ transplant is medically important, and the organ need to be transplanted has been given by a member of the policyholder’s family or is taken from a verified source.

External prosthetic devices/surgical and medical appliances

It covers the maximum amount as mentioned per policy tenure.

  • An important device or appliance that is a necessary for treatment immediately after the surgery for as long as is required medically.
  • An important device or appliance that is necessary and is part of the recuperation process for a short-term basis.

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In case of adult this plan bears the expenses incurred for one external prosthetic device and for children up to the age of 16, it bears the initial prosthetic device and up to 2 replacement devices.

International Outpatient

More extensive outpatient hospitalization expenses for treatments that doesn’t require an overnight stay in hospital. It also includes prescribed outpatient medicines and dressings.

International Medical Evacuation

Medical evacuation in case the treatment is not offered locally at the time medical emergency, repatriation, allowing the policyholder to return to their home country.

International Health & Wellbeing

This helps you to proactively managing your own health. It allow you to avail medical tests against common illnesses and reassurance with regular physical examinations.

International Vision & Dental

It additionally also includes vision care that offers an eye test and a wide range of preventative, regular and major dental tests and treatments.

How To Check Cigna TTK Health Insurance Policy Status

Health insurance is a necessity for each and every individual as a plan to fall back on during times of emergencies and crisis. Health insurance plans are made to secure a person and his/her family financially. Cigna TTK health insurance is one of the most popular health insurance plans of India.

Why Buy Cigna TTK Health Insurance?

The Cigna TTK health insurance plan is a unique plan that is made keeping in mind not only the demands of a single individual, but also for that individual’s family. The plan covers a total number of 4 members including two adults and two children. Like all health insurance plans, this plan also includes the medical insurance of those who fall under it. Covering pre and post hospitalization covers as well. Along with these general features, Cigna TTK health insurance offers free medical check-up for individuals once every 3 years.

The various health insurance plans that are offered by Cigna TTK health insurance are:-

  1. Pro Health Protect Plan.
  2. Critical illness Insurance.
  3. International Health Insurance.
  4. Cigna TTK Lifestyle Protection-Accident Care Plan.
  5. Pro-Health Cash.

Key Features And Benefits Of Cigna TTK Health Insurance

  • The health insurance plans are issued covers an individual for a lifetime and can be renewed throughout the life of the individual.
  • All pre-existing conditions that an individual already has can be covered in the plan after a waiting period of 4 years.
  • There is no additional charges for room rent.
  • There is no co-pay.
  • Cigna TTK health insurance offers customers a no claim bonus if they do not apply for a claim over a certain period of time.
  • A reimbursement of Rs. 500/- each year is given to the individual for out-patient expenses like doctor’s consultation.

Inclusions of the Cigna TTK health insurance plans

  • In-patient hospitalization.
  • Pre-hospitalization.
  • Post-hospitalization.
  • Day care treatment.
  • Domiciliary treatment.
  • Ambulance cover.
  • Worldwide emergency cover.
  • Restoration of sum assured.
  • Health maintenance benefit.
  • Maternity expenses.
  • New born baby expenses.
  • First year vaccinations.

Eligibility For Applying To Cigna TTK Health Insurance

The minimum age for applying for Cigna TTK health insurance is 91 days for children while it is 18 years for adults. The entry age for this policy has no limit when it comes to years. The policy can be bought either by an individual or on a family floater basis. The only difference with these two is that the sum assured for the individual will be constant while for the floater, the sum assured will get distributed among the members under the policy.

The minimum and the maximum sum assured from all the plans under Cigna TTK health insurance are Rs. 2.5 lakhs to Rs. 100 lakhs. Special discounts and other benefit features are allowed to members who have a family discount, a long-term policy discount, direct policy discount, social media discount, work site marketing discount and co-pay discount.

Premium Calculator For Cigna TTK Health Insurance

1 Year 2 year
Policy in force up to Premium Refund % Policy in force up to Premium Refund %
1 Month 75% 1 Month 87.5%
3 Months 50% 3 Months 75%
6 Months 25% 6 Months 62.5%
More than 6 months NIL 12 Months 50%
  15 Months 37.50%
18 Months 25%
Above 18 months NIL

 Claims Process for Cigna TTK Health Insurance Policy

There are two ways in which a person can make claims under the Cigna TTK health insurance policy: a cashless basis or a reimbursement basis. For a cashless claim of money, the necessary treatment for the policyholder must be done only at a network hospital of the insurance company that hold’s the policy. For this, a claims form has to be filled up and the necessary documents need to be submitted to the company.

On the other hand, for claims on reimbursement basis, the insurance company first has to be informed about the claim and the policyholder has to go about the steps in getting a claim as dictated by the insurance company.

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The policyholder needs to make sure that the necessary documents such as the claims form, the discharge summary and all the bills from the hospitals and for medical treatment are given to the company. This helps the company analyze the amount of money that they will give back the policyholder.

Reviews of Apollo Munich Optima Restore (OR) insurance plan

A health insurance policy is a necessity to save your family during times of emergency. However, the plan you choose should provide adequate coverage for your entire family.

   Apollo Munich OR health insurance plan can be taken for self and other dependant members of the family like spouse and children, and also parents. This plan has several benefits, some of which are unique to this policy.

   Apollo Munich OR reviews are detailed below.

An Overview of the Policy

   The important aspects of the plan are listed below as a part of Apollo Munich Optima Restore reviews.  

Plan type Entry Age Maximum members covered Sum Assured Discount offered on premium
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Individual policy 91 days 65 years 6 members Rupees 3,00,000 Rupees 50,00,000 10% for more than two members insured
Family floater policy Adults: 18

Children: 3 months

Adults: 65 years

Children: 25 years

7 members Rupees 3,00,000 Rupees 50,00,000 A single premium covers all the members

Apollo Munich OR Reviews- the Important features of the Policy

  • The entire sum insured is restored if the policy is used in the middle of the year. This restoration does not involve any additional cost
  • The no-claim bonus that is a part of the insurance increases the total cover by 50% for one claim free year and by 100% for two consecutive claim-free years. So after two years of no claims made, the Insurance cover is doubled
  • The lifelong renewal helps the policyholder stay insured all the time
  • The renewal premium does not increase after a claim is made
  • Sub-limits are not required on hospital room rent or co-pay
  • Cashless treatment can be availed across 4000 hospitals in more than 800 cities
  • The cover is extensive for treatment against illness and accident

The Key Benefits of the Policy

   The unique benefits of the policy are the most important part of Apollo Munich OR reviews. They are:

  • Restore Benefit: The sum assured as per the plan is completely replaced if it gets exhausted. This replaced amount can be used in the future. However, the claim must be made for an entirely different illness. The claim can be made in the same policy year. This restoration is done at no additional cost
  • Multiplier Benefit: This benefit offers a 50% increase of the basic assured for the first claim free year. This amount increases by a 100% for two consecutive claim-free years
  • The insured capital can be enhanced when the policy is due for a renewal

Apollo Munich OR Reviews- The Coverage offered

    This plan covers a wide variety of treatment that includes.

  • In-patient treatment: This includes pre- hospitalization coverage for up to 60 days and post-hospitalization coverage for up to 180 days
  • The listed day care procedures that are 140 in total
  • For Domiciliary treatment or at home treatment
  • For Organ donors
  • For the use of an emergency ambulance for up to Rs 2000 for a single hospitalization

Exclusions of the Policy

Exclusions are a crucial part of Apollo Munich OR reviews. The policy does not cover the following.

  • Any pre-existing diseases or conditions. They will be covered after a waiting period of three years
  • Any treatment within the first thirty days of cover. This excludes accidents.
  • Certain diseases like hernia, joint replacements, cataract, and hysterectomy will be excluded for period of two years
  • Treatment for AIDS or any related diseases
  • Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction or any intoxication abuse
  • All types of dental treatment, external aids, and pregnancy
  • Hospitalization or treatment for any radiation or use of any nuclear or chemical weapon as an act of war
  • The policy also does not cover treatment for all types of mental illness, weight control treatment, cosmetic surgery, and treatment for congenital diseases and all kinds of non-allopathic treatment.

The Added Features

    Apollo Munich OR reviews also include the additional features.

  • Policy term can be chosen with options available even for 1 or two years. If this option is chosen a 7.5% discount can be chosen on  year policy terms
  • A free look period is available for a period of 15 days from the receipt of policy documents
  • There is no limit on surgery fee, doctor fee, room rent, ICU rent and operation theatre charges
  • This premium paid towards this plan can be used for tax exemptions as per The Income Tax Act, 1961.

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As per Apollo Munich OR reviews, the policy provides comprehensive healthcare facility for the entire family with some great benefits. Features such as lifelong renewals make this policy a great family floater.

How to Choose Your Health Insurance Policy Wisely?

Before starting with important tips on choosing the right health insurance plan, read the importance of buying a health insurance plan for you and your family.

A health insurance policy is an insurance product, provided by insurance companies, which cover all costs arising out of the medical treatment of a policyholder. This policy covers an individual and his/her family members. The policy tenure is ideally fixed at one year and in some cases, a policyholder can also buy the plan for a term of two to three years. With health insurance plan you get entitled to adequate medical asisitance in case of an emergency, without worrying about the medcial expenses.

Coverage under Health Insurance Policy

  • Health plan offers coverage against entire hospitalisation expenses as per the maximum sum assured and terms of the policy.
  • It also covers pre and post hospitalisation expenses.
  • If you are covered under a health insurance plan you can avail cashless treatment facility at network hospitals of your insurers, it provides the best medical care during medical emergency. This way you can immediately get treatment without arranging the funds.
  • Under certain health plans you can avail the claim amount on a lump sum basis so you can use it not only for medical treatment expenses, and also household expenses.

Choosing a right health insurance plan from a wide range of policies and insurers is a tough task. Before selecting a health insurance plan for self or family, make sure that there is no one size that fits all.

So don’t choose a plan for a reason because your friend or colleague who has selected that plan. Every individual has different set of health care requirements. It is obvious that your needs will be entirely different from your friend or colleague’s requirements. Make sure your health insurance plan fulfils needs that are essential for you and your family.

Undoubtedly, there are plethora of health insurance options for different medical problems and health condition. Different health insurance plan has different ways to tackle different health conditions so, it’s important to read the policy wording to be sure whether your medical condition is covered  under the policy or not.

To buy the right health insurance plan you first need to analyze what kind of coverage you need and at what premium. You can find these details online or you can also take help from an insurance agent or broker.

HDFC Ergo health insurance plan is considered to be the best in the insurance market. Check out some its coverage offered under health insurance policy:

HDFC Ergo Health Plans Offer the Following Coverage:

  • HDFC Ergo plan ensures the same premium even after filing claims
  • Additional benefits on claim-free years
  • Required cover of special illnesses and health conditions. So if there is a medical history for a particular health issues like heart ailments, ensure that the health plan covers such health problems.
  • Flexibility to customise the health insurance plan in terms of its coverage, benefit and premium payment.
  • It has a hassle-free claim settlement procedure with cashless treatment benefits when you or any of your family members is hospitalised across a wide network hospitals.
  • Tax benefits under section 80D of Income Tax Act

These are the factors that you must consider before selecting the right health insurance plan for self or family. For further assistance to buy a health insurance plan you can talk to insurance company’s customer care representative or you can contact an insurance agent or broker. It is always advisable to by the insurance policy online. This helps you to avail greater benefits and coverage under the same policy. You can calculate the premium of different health insurance policies using premium calculator and buy the most affordable one from the market.

How to Choose The Best Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is a necessity for everyone for helping in expenses during times of emergencies. Health insurance provides a sense of security for everyone and allows them to lead a stress and tension free life. This not only can provide security to an individual but it can also provide complete security to one’s family as well.

How to Choose The Best Health Insurance Policy

There are a couple of quick steps that need to be followed and considered when applying for and when taking a health insurance for oneself and one’s family. Some of the steps that are generally followed are:

  1. Calling One’s Doctor: The insurance policy that one opts for needs to be evaluated by a doctor. The plan may be available for only a particular number of hospitals, doctors and the certain insurers can afford for discounts.
  2. Estimating One’s Health Care Needs: A need to know the amount of cost that is needed for health insurance is needed when a person applies for health insurance. A list of premium and the claims must also be seen by a person for different insurance plans offered by several insurance companies.

Health insurance policy have a coverage of a minimum to 2 people to a maximum of 6 people who are included in a single insurance policy. The general features include pre-hospitalization expenses for 30 days and post-hospitalization for 60 days. Health check-ups are regularly conducted as a benefit feature for not claiming one’s insurance.

Eligibility For Health Insurance Policy

The entry age for any heatlh insurance policy is for 18 years for adults and 3 months and above for children. The maximum age for entry into the policy is 65 years for adults and 25 years for children. Children are covered as long as one of the parents are also covered under the same insurance policy. The renewability of a health insurance lasts for a lifetime.

General Inclusions of Health Insurance Policy

  • In-patient hospitalization expenses which can be claimed upto the sum insured.
  • Newborn cover.
  • Expenses that are related to the booking of rooms, ICU charges and nursing charges are all covered under the same health insurance policy.
  • The expenses that are related to equipment, surgery, diagnostic equipment, prosthetic limb etc are all covered underneath the policy.
  • Organ donor hospitalization expenses are all taken care of under the health insurance policy.
  • Specified day care procedures are also taken care of.


Limitations and Exclusions For Health Insurance Policy

  • All medical and hospital services that are specifically covers in, or are excluded as mentioned in the plans.
  • Cosmetic surgery.
  • Custodial care.
  • Dental care and treatments that are related to dental care.
  • Experimental and investigational procedures.
  • Eyeglasses, certain drugs and injections are excluded in some plans.
  • Infertility services.
  • Any treatments and other emergencies that arise outside the geogrophical borders of India.

What is Health Insurance Policy Claims Process?

A claims process is when a policyholder was a certain sum of money either returned or paid by the insurance company in the event of an emergency. Claims process is the process fo providing money for the treatment of a person who is covered under the policy. There are two ways in claiming one’s health insurance policy – either through the reimbursement method or through the cashless claims method.

Methods for Claims Process

The reimbursement method as a claims process is applicable when the policyholder goes to a hospital of their own choice. So, for this the cashless claims process is not applicable. For getting claims in this process, a policyholder needs to submit al relevant documents from the hospital to the insurance company along with the claims form. All the original bills from the treatments, this also include the doctors fee and the diagnostic fees.

Once the company gets all the relevant documents, they will verify it. A surveyor checks the documents and approves or rejects the claims request accordingly.

The cashless claims process takes place in hospitals that are directly under the insurance company. In these hospitals, the policyholder does not have to pay any of the fees. The company directly pays for the treatment of the policyholder or anyone who is under the insurance policy. Cashless claims is a faster process for getting one’s claim as the policyholder does not need to pay for anything. All the policyholder needs to do is to submit the duly-filled claims form and submit it to the insurance company.