Does Your Travel Insurance Plan Ensure Coverage for Terrorism?

The ever growing terrorist attacks have put this in a limelight to have insurance against terrorist attack. There are some places which attract a large number of travellers because of their scenic beauty, age long heritage or many things. When these places are highly rated as the best places to explore, the proximity of terrorist attacks can not be ignored. We can take the example of Kashmir in India. Termed as ‘heaven on earth’ the beauty of this place can’t be explained in words. But, conversely, the livelihood is always uncertain there because of the frequent terrorist attack. Hereby, if your next travel destination is Kashmir then you should double check that your travel insurance covers terrorist attack. Same goes with the international trip if you are planning any. While a Schengen visa covers 26 European countries, having travel insurance is a must! In this article we discuss does travel insurance cover terrorist activities while you are travelling.

Coverage Against Trip Cancellation Due to a Terrorist Attack

While most of the travel insurance companies consider international or domestic terrorism as one of the root cause of trip cancellation, Tata Aig Travel Insurance strictly exclude terrorism. However, the insurance companies providing the assistance will consider only if a terrorist event happens at your foreign or domestic travel destination within 30 days of the day of your scheduled arrival. To enjoy the insurance benefits, you need to purchase the plan before an unforeseen event occurred.

Coverage for Terrorist Attack on Flights

An insurance company like Allianz Global Assistance covers trip cancellation due to a terrorist attack. Also, trip cancellation due to hijacking is also covered. During these situations, you can contact the local authorities through the travel company and find an alternate option to get home securely.

Threat of Terrorist Incident is Not Covered

Abruptly, before your scheduled departure to visit family in the USA, an elite group constantly makes terrorist threats, causing the state government to issue travel alert urging vigilance. Considering the risk, you call off the trip, hopping to reschedule it in near future. Will your travel insurance plan cover trip cancellation?

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No, because no terrorist incident occurred till date and fear or threat of terrorism is not covered by an insurance plan.  Moreover, general civil protest, an act of war, riots are not considered as terrorism and so no travel coverage is provided for the same.

What Are all Covered?

Considering the urgency, many travel insurance companies provide assistance for listed expenses arising out of a terrorist turbulence-

  • Trip Cancellation
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of Passport
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Accommodation expense will be reimbursed in case you have to extend your stay due to an emergency
  • Compassionate visit
  • Hospitalisation costs of a terrorist victim
  • Pre and post hospitalisation expenses including the ambulance cost as well

Well, irrespective of the insurance plan, you need to go through the policy wordings in detail before signing on the dotted line of an application form. Again, before flying to abroad, double check your travel insurance policy norms to ascertain whether the facilities will extend to countries other than India or not. Besides, policies may provide insurance against terrorist activities; insurers may cause a problem in accepting a claim if the policyholder visits places which are in high risk or intentionally defies the risk. Hereby, if exploring new places is your passion, we urge you to seek for insurance cover that considers the e possibilities of sudden terrorist unrest and losses arise out of it!


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