Travel Insurance Online Coverage Tips

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Buying Travel Insurance online is a better way for getting one’s Insurance as there are several plans offered by a variety of companies. An individual can choose the travel insurance that suits his/her needs the best.

Tips for buying the best Travel Insurance Online

A certain number of things are checked before a policyholder invests his/her money into buying a travel insurance online. The company’s credibility is one factor that affects the choice of the customer. The more reputed the company, the more the customer will get inclined into buying a policy from them.

The amount of money given to buy a policy. Minimum premiums are cheaper and easier to pay by the policyholder, making Travel Insurance Online affordable. A fast hassle-free method by which customers can get Travel Insurance makes the plan gain popularity.

There are different types of Travel Insurance online plans that take care of specific needs of it’s customers. A policyholder must know that there are general travel insurance plans as well as special insurance plans that are for those who are traveling for adventure. Special plans have greater features than normal travel insurance online plans.

If the amount of money that a customer pays to buy a travel insurance policy is high, then the premium paid will also be high. The claim settlement percentage I.e the number of claims that have been settled by the company is an important fact to keep in mind when choosing a travel insurance online.

Key features of Travel Insurance Online

Travel Insurance Online deals with providing customers with the ideal cover for emergencies and unforeseen situations when outside of one’s home. Some of the key features that all policyholders look into before buying a travel insurance online plan are:

  • Compensation given when a flat is cancelled or delayed. This includes accommodation during the waiting period for the policyholder.
  • Medical emergency and hospitalization are taken care of by the policy.
  • Expenses when a trip is delayed due to emergency situations are taken care of under the policy.
  • Legal liability and expenses are also taken care of.

Exclusions of Travel Insurance

The general exclusions that a travel insurance plan have include flight or trains that are missed due to protest or civil war. The expenses that are caused when the policyholder gets involved in protests. Pre-existing conditions that have lead to hospitalization of the policyholder. It also includes baggage delay that is less than in 24 hours. The damage or loss of keys is also not compensated for.

However, it is important to note that the exclusions vary from one plan to another. Anyone can compare travel insurance online and check the exclusions for each and every plan, then chose their plan accordingly.

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Claims Process

It is always advised for all travelers to get a travel insurance policy before commencing travel. The policyholder must have the main policy document when traveling.

If there is an emergency, then the policyholder needs to call the travel insurance company for understanding the claims process and the documents that need to be submitted for the same. The documents can be sent to the insurance company either through post, email or fax.

Required documents like the passport of the individual, immigration stamp, copy of policy, claims form, original bills and receipts, policy report and personal identity proof may also be required for getting back one’s policy claim.

As the insurance company receives all the necessary documents from the policyholder, it is cross-checked by a surveyor from the company and the process for compensating the policyholder is processed accordingly.

The top five Travel Plans of India

Some of the best travel insurance online plans are put in the table below:

Insurer Categories covered Special Features Exceptions
Apollo Munich Individual, Family, Floater, Annual, Multi Trip. Ø  Emergency cash.

Ø  Damage of checked in baggage.

Ø  Trip Cancellation.

Ø  Coverage of personal liability.

Ø No specific European/Schengen plan.

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.

Bajaj Allianz Individual, Family, Floater, Annual, Multi Trip, student, senior citizen. Ø  Emergency cash.

Ø  Checked in baggage Loss.

Ø  Burgalary covered 2-way.

Ø  Bail bond.

Ø  Compensation visit coverage.

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.
Bharati AXA Individual, Family, Floater, Annual, Multi Trip. Ø  2-way compensation.

Ø  Emergency cash advance.

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.
Future Generali Individual, Annual, Multi Trip. Ø  Emergency cash advance.

Ø  Child escort benefit.

Ø  Trip cancellation.

Ø  Curtailment coverage of personal liability.

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.
HDFC Ergo Individual, Family, Floater, Annual, Multi Trip, student. Ø  Loss of checked in baggage.

Ø  Flight delay benefits.

Ø  Study interruption (for students).

Ø  Treatment of mental and nervous disorders (for students)

Ø Pre-existing illnesses are not covered.

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