Reviews of Apollo Munich Optima Restore (OR) insurance plan

A health insurance policy is a necessity to save your family during times of emergency. However, the plan you choose should provide adequate coverage for your entire family.

   Apollo Munich OR health insurance plan can be taken for self and other dependant members of the family like spouse and children, and also parents. This plan has several benefits, some of which are unique to this policy.

   Apollo Munich OR reviews are detailed below.

An Overview of the Policy

   The important aspects of the plan are listed below as a part of Apollo Munich Optima Restore reviews.  

Plan type Entry Age Maximum members covered Sum Assured Discount offered on premium
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Individual policy 91 days 65 years 6 members Rupees 3,00,000 Rupees 50,00,000 10% for more than two members insured
Family floater policy Adults: 18

Children: 3 months

Adults: 65 years

Children: 25 years

7 members Rupees 3,00,000 Rupees 50,00,000 A single premium covers all the members

Apollo Munich OR Reviews- the Important features of the Policy

  • The entire sum insured is restored if the policy is used in the middle of the year. This restoration does not involve any additional cost
  • The no-claim bonus that is a part of the insurance increases the total cover by 50% for one claim free year and by 100% for two consecutive claim-free years. So after two years of no claims made, the Insurance cover is doubled
  • The lifelong renewal helps the policyholder stay insured all the time
  • The renewal premium does not increase after a claim is made
  • Sub-limits are not required on hospital room rent or co-pay
  • Cashless treatment can be availed across 4000 hospitals in more than 800 cities
  • The cover is extensive for treatment against illness and accident

The Key Benefits of the Policy

   The unique benefits of the policy are the most important part of Apollo Munich OR reviews. They are:

  • Restore Benefit: The sum assured as per the plan is completely replaced if it gets exhausted. This replaced amount can be used in the future. However, the claim must be made for an entirely different illness. The claim can be made in the same policy year. This restoration is done at no additional cost
  • Multiplier Benefit: This benefit offers a 50% increase of the basic assured for the first claim free year. This amount increases by a 100% for two consecutive claim-free years
  • The insured capital can be enhanced when the policy is due for a renewal

Apollo Munich OR Reviews- The Coverage offered

    This plan covers a wide variety of treatment that includes.

  • In-patient treatment: This includes pre- hospitalization coverage for up to 60 days and post-hospitalization coverage for up to 180 days
  • The listed day care procedures that are 140 in total
  • For Domiciliary treatment or at home treatment
  • For Organ donors
  • For the use of an emergency ambulance for up to Rs 2000 for a single hospitalization

Exclusions of the Policy

Exclusions are a crucial part of Apollo Munich OR reviews. The policy does not cover the following.

  • Any pre-existing diseases or conditions. They will be covered after a waiting period of three years
  • Any treatment within the first thirty days of cover. This excludes accidents.
  • Certain diseases like hernia, joint replacements, cataract, and hysterectomy will be excluded for period of two years
  • Treatment for AIDS or any related diseases
  • Treatment for drug or alcohol addiction or any intoxication abuse
  • All types of dental treatment, external aids, and pregnancy
  • Hospitalization or treatment for any radiation or use of any nuclear or chemical weapon as an act of war
  • The policy also does not cover treatment for all types of mental illness, weight control treatment, cosmetic surgery, and treatment for congenital diseases and all kinds of non-allopathic treatment.

The Added Features

    Apollo Munich OR reviews also include the additional features.

  • Policy term can be chosen with options available even for 1 or two years. If this option is chosen a 7.5% discount can be chosen on  year policy terms
  • A free look period is available for a period of 15 days from the receipt of policy documents
  • There is no limit on surgery fee, doctor fee, room rent, ICU rent and operation theatre charges
  • This premium paid towards this plan can be used for tax exemptions as per The Income Tax Act, 1961.

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As per Apollo Munich OR reviews, the policy provides comprehensive healthcare facility for the entire family with some great benefits. Features such as lifelong renewals make this policy a great family floater.


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