10 Smart things to compare before you buy Health Insurance in India!

What insurance policies are you insured with? Are you covered properly or are still in the dilemma of selecting a good insurance policy? Selecting a good policy is very vital, especially if you wish to enjoy the maximum advantages. Compare health insurance plans and make your choice instantly. Selecting a health insurance policy is a tricky task rather than being a very difficult task. Tricky because the internet is swarmed by millions of online sites, each demanding to offer you the best, most advantageous, money-saving healthcare plans. So, amongst this confusion of selecting the best health plans, the procedure to select the policies becomes all the way more difficult. Simply selecting the plans from their health insurance reviews is no longer the safe idea. You need genuine insurance plans offered to you by genuine insurance companies.


Hence, selecting the progressive health insurance reviews policies based on the company reviews is surely not the best way.

How to Compare Health Insurance Plans

  • Select progressive health insurance policies from companies that provide you a comparative chart of their plans along with plans offered by other firms.
  • Another approach you may possibly wish to follow for selecting a suitable policy is by comparing the quotes of the various health insurance companies
  • Check the premium amount you need to pay for each of these policies.
  • Compare the amount and the possible returns you may receive once you select the plan.
  • Compare the listed benefits, the healthcare medical facilities offered, list of health diseases included within the policy, etc.
  • Compare the company or the insurance agent patience in handling your queries.
  • Compare the insurer transparency in explaining every aspect, good or bad.
  • Critical Illness Health Insurance Policy
  • Family Floater Health Insurance Plan
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan

Star Health Insurance the most trustable health insurance in the market

Star Health Insurance is a well-known insurance company. Star Health Insurance policies are very much trustworthy and people widely use these different types of policies to get insured. The claim ratio of this company is also very good. Star Health is one of the largest private health insurers in India. There are 2 aspects of services of Star Health Insurance. Services on underwriting and services on claim settlement. Star Health Insurance policies shall pre-authorize cashless facility within 4 Hours. Star Health Insurance shall make customers aware of their claim status within 3 days of receiving documents. Star Health Insurance facilitates customers with direct claim settlement as there is no TPA involved.

List of health covers introduced by Star Health Insurance so far

  1. Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy
  2. MediClassic Insurance Policy (Individual)
  3. Family Health Optima Insurance Plan
  4. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy


Selecting a healthcare policy is hence a difficult task. Don’t make the decision hard and fast. If you really wish to secure your health from all types of possible factors, make sure you select the best insurance policy. After all, it is your hard-earned money you are investing for a healthier future. So, compare health insurance offered to you by various companies and reap the benefits of your policy when needed.

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